PDG Provides Geographic Information System (GIS) Services

When using Geographic Information System (GIS), you bring together independent pieces of information such as parcels; topography; wetlands, boundary data; current utility placement and zoning detail. As this information overlays, you are able to identify key facts and details about a location and even incorporate a full detailed inventory of your utility data. It allows you to have a complete inventory of your utility systems that can be accessed in the office or in the field.  GIS provides a method for creating and updating maps and atlases, maintaining records, locating components, generating work orders, allowing for complete asset management, or even incorporating the utility data into modeling platforms for various system analyses. We can perform hydraulic, constituent, trace and fire flow analyses for your system.

We can take information you have or we can collect information on your behalf. GIS is extremely popular as a way for communities to take and maintain inventory of utilities, service lines and anything that has to be documented.

GIS Services 

  • Utility Mapping Applications
    • Water
    • Wastewater
    • Electric
    • Gas
  • Planning and Zoning Applications
  • Survey
  • Operating WaterGEMS inside ArcMap for seamless updating of data

PDG’s GIS Services Can Help You Meet Your Future EPA Requirements.