Helping Communities Thrive

PDG Continues Our Tradition of Downtown Planning

Successful Downtown Planning engages the entire community with special focus on the Downtown as a district. Poggemeyer works with stakeholders, residents, visitors, merchants, property owners and government staff/ elected officials to drill down to the existing needs and future visions for the Downtown.
PDG understands community planning and is committed to helping communities define and celebrate their unique sense of place. Our certified planners, branding specialists, and financing team help communities create specific strategies that address all of the elements needed to truly revive and sustain the locally desired Downtown experience. PDG bridges planning with results by:
  • Celebrating Character and Engaging Places 
  • Marketing and Branding Your Unique Local Experience
  • Building Economic Diversity and Sustainability
  • Engaging Community Partnerships and Resources
  • Connecting Goals, Action Steps and Financing Options
Bridging Planning with Results!
Heritage Ohio Annual Preservation and Revitalization Conference in Cleveland.
< Heritage Ohio Annual Preservation and Revitalization Conference sponsor
PDG is a proud member of Heritage Ohio and excited to have one of our projects recently published in the summer issue of Revitalize Ohio Magazine.