Celebrating Emil Diener’s 43 Years of Service

Emil Diener retired April 10th, 2019, after 43 years of employment with Poggemeyer Design Group. After graduating from The Ohio State University with a Landscape Architecture degree, he was hired by Larry Carroll to work out of the Lexington office. In his first years with the firm, Emil worked as a rod-man on the survey crew, before transitioning to a technician. Emil then became a Registered Landscape Architect (RLA) in 1980 and began working on community land use and park master plans. Some of Mr. Diener’s most memorable projects include his work on the Deerfield Township Land Use Plan, Deerfield Township Park Master Plan, Fleckenstein Park Master Plan, City of Upper Sandusky Revitalization Plan, Village of Willard Land Use Plan, Lagrange Park Master Plan, and Oakwood Park Master Plan. He notes the most rewarding part of his work has been to see the realization and implementation of his plans. He pronounces that what he learned and fought for during a project–was worth it to retain the character of that specific place. Many of his park projects started as empty fields, but now some 20 to 30 years later, engage and entertain people with playgrounds, sports fields, recreation trails, mature trees and shelter houses.

Later in his career, Emil’s focus shifted to construction observation, working along-side numerous contractors and engineers to ensure projects were successfully constructed to specifications. Emil states, “I stayed for 43 years because Bob Jablonski was such a great supervisor to work with for the past 30 some years”. He also notes working with Rob Stith has been instrumental and a joy. Emil recalls receiving sound advice from Jack Jones, Chairman, that if he had a problem or issue he wanted to discuss, he should think it through and have a potential solution prior to getting direction from management. 

Diener ribbon-cutting Oakwood Park Upper Sandusky park