Envision Grafton: Smart Growth through Transportation TLCI Plan

Poggemeyer is part of a collaborative team including City Architecture and Boulevard Studios, LLC working to complete the Envision Grafton: Smart Growth through Transportation TLCI (Transportation for Livable Communities Initiative) Plan. Envision Grafton is focused on redevelopment and new investment opportunities in the Village. A community meeting was held to gather feedback from the community and discuss study priorities.
The Plan focuses on current and future connections in the Village between residential areas, industrial/commercial uses, recreational uses and the Downtown. The effort aims to increase public access and enjoyment of all Village resources by adapting objectives and setting new goals which will guide future investments and development.  
The project involves a four-phased approach: Understand, Challenge, Transform and Implement. PDG’s role includes development of a public survey, attendance at steering and public meetings, signal warrant study, visual and land use analysis, coordination of signal timing/routes and budget/timeframe/funding information.  
With the project well underway in the Transform Phase, we have completed the signal warrant study, two public meetings, a public survey, two steering committee meetings, stakeholder focus groups and draft priority initiatives. 
Envision Grafton Initiatives Categories
  • Overall Village
  • Historic Downtown District
  • Commercial District
  • Parks & Trails
  • Neighborhoods 
  • Traffic & Roadway 
Complete Streets and the TLCI Program
Northeast Ohio Area Wide Coordinating Agency’s (NOACA) TLCI provides assistance to communities to study and implement integrated transportation and land use plans. Considering multi-modal transportation (pedestrian, cycling, vehicular, public transit, etc.) together helps create balanced environments that strengthen communities’ livability. The Plan is funded by Northeast Ohio Area Wide Coordinating Agency’s (NOACA) program.