Village of Van Wert Combined Sewer Overflow, Pump Station and Retention Basin

Van Wert Wins Concrete Award for Wastewater Treatment Improvements

PDG was hired to provide environmental engineering, electrical engineering and survey planning and design services to intercept and store combined sewer overflows for subsequent treatment at the wastewater treatment plant as required by the Ohio CSO policy. Design services were completed in 2016, with final project construction finished in 2018.


  • Submersible storm water pump station  
  • 3–6,100 GPM pumps 
  • 30” diameter force main 
  • 20” diameter basin drain line 
  • Water cannon basin cleaning system 
  • 1–750 KW standby generator
  • 6–25Hp floating aerators 
  • 15 million gallon concrete-lined equalization basin with aerators