Important Announcement from Poggemeyer Design Group

PDG Eastern Region

Our Valued Clients, Consultants and Friends

We hope this memo finds you, your family and staff in good health and safe.

As we continue to closely monitor the evolving situation around the COVID-19 virus, we continue to do our part to minimize the spread of the virus while maintaining our relationships.

We are focused on health, safety and wellbeing of our families, clients and friends.  Our Management Leadership team meets as frequently as necessary to discuss changes that the CDC recommends or other changes in the environment by health and government officials.

We recognize the importance of project deadlines and timelines to our clients.  We will endeavor to address our responsibilities either at work or remotely as needed.  We are continuing to operate to provide essential uninterrupted service to our clients and we have implemented numerous new mandates and options for PDG employees:

  • Any employee can have remote access to work from home for flexibility.  Some can function productively, others not as easily.  They are encouraged to work from home if they can function productivity.
  • All field personnel will continue to work unless they are sick or otherwise exposed.
  • Employee’s phones have been adapted to take calls like Office calls in most circumstances allowing fairly normal client access.
  • We have enhanced technological resources to improve the remote access capabilities.
  • We monitor the following policy changes:
    • Posted warning of conditions when they are not to enter our facility
    • Potential sick employees are directed not to enter and contact their manager
    • Employee temperature taken upon arrival and logged
    • Maintaining social distancing of six (6) feet
    • Canceling all seminars and training programs indefinitely
    • Enhance office cleaning / disinfecting of common areas of use
    • Washing hands regularly
    • Disinfect local office areas, recommended for employees
    • Encourage telecommunication for internal and all external meetings.
    • Encourage “GoTo Meetings” for client, contractor discussions
    • Eliminate all unnecessary travel and restrict all mass transportation travel
  • PDG believes these common sense measures will minimize the risk and provide the least amount of disruption to our clients under the current circumstances
  • We ask for your patience as we do our best to make this transition to implement these changes.
  • As always, we appreciate your business, support and cooperation.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns, as we all navigate these complex issues.

Jack A. Jones, P.E.,
Chairman / Sr. Managing Principal