PDG Welcomes The Return of S. Sonny Hamizadeh

Poggemeyer Design Group, Inc., a Kleinfelder Company, is pleased to announce the return of S. Sonny Hamizadeh, AIA, to our team.  Sonny will resume his past role as a Senior Architect and Architectural Department Manager, plus leading architectural Business Development efforts for PDG.  Sonny applies the knowledge and expertise gained from more than 30 years of experience in the architectural design and construction administration fields to work closely with our clients to develop state-of-the-art, and sustainable facilities that are designed to complement any environment.


Coordinating the Integrated Facilities Design’s (IFDD) Architectural services with managers from other offices and disciplines within the firm, Sonny will guide project development from programming and conceptual design through construction completion.  Sonny has a striking record, portfolio, and relationships with Educational, Commercial and Healthcare clients throughout the Country.  He also has a strong record of maintaining clients by being a trusted partner, and producing successful projects that attest to his in-depth knowledge of business, and outstanding customer service and retention.

We are proud to have Sonny rejoining the PDG Team. Read more about Sonny in our Employee Spotlight >>>


Sonny can be reached at his office 419.352.7537 or by email at .