Gibsonburg Replaces Linden Avenue Pump Station

PDG recently completed the Linden Avenue Pump Station Replacement project for the Village of Gibsonburg. This project consisted of the design of a new 6’ foot diameter wet well and valve chamber, with new submersible pumps. The new design replaces an existing pump station which had experienced significant deterioration due to hydrogen sulfide damage. 

Project Design and Specifications

  • Installation of new 6’ diameter wet well
  • Installation of (2) submersible pumps, electrical and telemetry controls 
  • Installation of new 6’ diameter meter chamber
  • Installation of force main, gravity sewers and manholes
  • New Generator
  • Utility Company Coordination (electric)
  • Demolition of existing pump station
  • Site Work

The improvements also included a complete by-pass pumping plan which allowed for the continued and uninterrupted service during sequenced construction operations. 

PDG secured a low interest loan through the Ohio Water Development Authority (OWDA) for financing of both engineering and construction costs on behalf of the Village. Through this loan, the Village was also able to purchase a trailer mounted back-up generator, which will be used for back up power at the Village’s (3) three sewer lift stations, within their collection system.