The Golden Years


In 1975, we established our first branch office in Lexington, Ohio.  Lexington continues to this day to be important for PDG.We are thankful for our on-going relationship with the Village. PDG has assisted the Village with project financing, water treatment and distribution, wastewater treatment and collection, storm water, streets and bridges, planning, architectural and site development projects. We have helped with nearly 200 projects and look forward to continuing our excellent working relationship with the Village of Lexington.


1982 was another exciting year at PDG. We opened offices in the City of Defiance, Ohio; and Las Vegas, Nevada. These offices continue to thrive today. 

The Las Vegas office works closely with public and private clients as that region continues to grow. They assist with large public high profile projects – most notable is the beautification of the famous Las Vegas Strip.  As Las Vegas evolves so does PDG evolve. Our state of the art offices reflect the grand style of Las Vegas today.

The Defiance office continues to provide quality engineering services to the surrounding communities in Northwest Ohio. They have helped a number of communities develop industrial rail sites. The Iron Highway Industrial Park in the Village of Leipsic is a 1,170 acre site and included the design of 14,000 lin.ft. of railroad track. The site has generated over 500 employment opportunities for the area.


The Columbus area office was opened in 1985 to provide better services to our clients in southern Ohio and gave PDG a presence in the Columbus area. Today, the office is located in Hilliard, a suburb of Columbus, from where PDG provides services to communities, such as New Lexington, Adams County Regional Water District, and communities in between.