T-Mobile Offers Hometown Grant Program

T-Mobile has partnered with Main Street America to sponsor the T-Mobile Hometown Grants program.

This program will help fund projects to build, rebuild, or refresh community spaces that help foster local connections in your town. For example, this might include the town square pavilion, a historic building, an outdoor park, a ball field, or a library-- every town has places where friends and neighbors connect. Applicants can request up to $50,000 with no match required. Funding will be awarded to 100 small towns and cities (less than 50,000 population) a year for the next five years. Applications will be accepted quarterly for the duration of the program. The application period will end on the last day of the quarter and a new cycle will open the following day. Applicants are notified within 30 to 60 days after the close of the quarter.
For assistance identifying eligible projects and making application funds, please contact Michelle Hister or your PDG client manager.
More information is available here: