PDG Revitalizes OSU’s Bio Sciences Greenhouse, While Protecting its Precious Inhabitants

PDG Revitalizes One of OSU’s Greenhouses, While Protecting its Precious Plants, Trees and Insects.

PDG partnered with Regency Construction Services for the design-build project to correct ongoing drainage and water intrusion issues in the glazed greenhouse. These areas were associated with failures in the topping slab overlay and weatherproofing system, both over 25 years old. 

Completed in September 1993, The Ohio State College of Arts and Science Biological Sciences Greenhouse Facility houses an insectary, a mosquito rearing facility, two research laboratories, a growth chamber area and a preparation room, amounting to 37,000 square feet of teaching and research greenhouse space. 

A major component of the project was to a protect the hundreds of research plants, trees and insects (many rare) in the greenhouse structures during design and construction. The facility also supports a USFWS Plant Rescue Center, a Conservatory collection growing more than 1200 tropical and desert plant species, and an Insectary rearing 130 species of insects and arthropods. A detailed plan was developed to phase the project in stages so plants and insects could be moved into “safe” areas while construction was occurring. An approval plan was also developed to protect specimens that could not be moved.

PDG researched and detailed the repairs needed for the masonry walls of the facility, weighing options of tuck-pointing and parging. Working with the contractor, Poggemeyer designed materials and details for the in-slab membrane replacement drainage system utilizing moisture-triggered chemistry. The project also included replacement of the top slab over the post tensioned primary structural system. Additional project components included modifications to the heating and ventilation systems and replacement of the electric ice melt systems.